Recent Exciting Developments

It has been a little while since my last post and there have been some neat and interesting opportunities and developments come up in my business and personal life.

Make Money as Process Server

Make Money as Process Server

I wrote and published my first ebook, How to Make Money as a Process Server – Book One, which was a task on my Life To-Do List for many years. It was a fun process and I look forward to publishing the second book in the series soon which will take the ideas from the first and start to really flesh them out.

If you are interested in checking out the book, I will be giving it away for free the entire weekend of July 25-27 through the Amazon Marketplace. Grab a copy and share with your friends and family!

I was also invited to write a guest article for a reputable authority in the process server industry, the Lawgical network of sites. This group has several great sites for process servers, private investigators and other legal professionals. They produce the ServeManager software suite that I use to handle the organization, invoicing and paperwork side of my business.

I chose to write about how their software has really helped me get my organization and office routine to the next level and increase my efficiency and margins. I very much appreciate the opportunity to write for any site associated with Lawgical and I hope to be invited back for articles on other topics in the future. If you are a process server or work with process servers, you NEED to check out ServeManager.

Bookmark my blog and check back often for news, stories and discussion of the business of serving process. The final parts of my Process Server Basics series will be live soon and I’ve got some fun stories of recent serves I’ve completed to share. Stay tuned and thanks for reading!

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