Frequently Asked Questions


How does the flat fee work for service of process?

You agree to an established flat fee for service of your documents.  We then attempt service up to 8 times if necessary to either serve your papers or to determine that your papers cannot be served at the provided address.  It’s as simple as that.  No hidden fees, no surcharges, no phone calls asking for more money while your papers remain unserved.  I always wondered how many attempts it usually takes to complete a serve for companies that charge for additional attempts.  I’m willing to bet my number is lower. In fact, we get many jobs done the same day we receive the documents.


I need papers served.  What do I do?

Simply submit your Order Online now to upload a scan of the papers you need served.  After submitting the documents and a few details, you should visit the “Pay Now” page on the website and follow instructions to complete payment.  Payment is accepted via Credit/Debit, PayPal or Check by Mail, before we begin the service process.  You can also email us directly with a scanned attachment of your documents to place the order.

Call us at: (858) 255-4070 or email us at:


How can I track the status of my job? Will I know when my papers are served?

We understand how important it is for our clients to know the current status of their jobs, day or night.  You will receive regular status updates by email and confirmation upon completion of service. Knowledge is power. Volume clients, please call us at (858) 255-4070 for information on linking with me online using the powerful ServeManager software.


Can you help with more than serving documents like filing papers at court for me?

Indeed we can.  If you are in need of legal services not specifically called out on the Services and Rates page, please call us at (858) 255-4070 or email us as we do provide additional services.  If it turns out we cannot aid in your request we will likely be able to refer you to a reputable agency that handles your particular matter.


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One Flat Rate for Service

NO hidden fees, EVER.

No "mileage" fees
No "fuel surcharge" fees
No "surveillance" fees
No "bad address" fees
No "proof of service" fees
No worries. No hassle.

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