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A defendant does not have to touch your papers to be legally served?

In some cases they do not even have to open the front door!


We know the law regarding service of court papers and we use that knowledge to get your papers served whether your defendant likes it or not.

You have our guarantee of the very best chance to get your papers served.


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Questions About the Process?


We understand you don’t deal with this stuff every day but WE DO!

You benefit from our decades of experience in the field serving thousands of people throughout San Diego County. We know you have questions about how all this works and we have the answers.


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Try to ignore but you will still be served

The law does not require a person to take, touch or accept your papers to be served.

The legal requirements for valid personal service were all satisfied in this video.

If we can make contact with your defendant we guarantee we will find a way to serve them or you don’t pay.

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Beware Hidden Fees


Many other companies will quote you a low price for “service” then tack on extra fees for things such as multiple attempt charges, mileage fees, waiting time, fuel surcharges, and on and on.


Don’t Get Burned by Hidden Fees!


Our rates are all-inclusive and cover as many attempts as it takes to get your papers served. We NEVER ask for more money if the job gets difficult.


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Stay in the car but you are still served

Many people think that they can run away from being served.

The truth is that an expert process server always finds a way to get the job done.

Knowledge is power. Hiring a process server that knows the law means you get the best chance for your papers to be legally served. If your defendant CAN be served, We WILL serve them or you pay nothing.

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Free Guide to Hiring an Expert Process Server

We Make this Easy for You.

No Hassles. No Nonsense.

Here’s How it Works:

Process Server - I Make this Easy for You!
It really is that easy! We understand that you don’t deal with this stuff every day but we do! Simply send us the papers you need served and tell us where to go and we will get the job done. Once we serve your papers, we file the Proof of Service form with your court and send you the copy. Your case is in good hands.

Step One – Send us your court-filed papers by email, fax or mail.
Step Two – We serve your papers and don’t quit until the job is done.
Step Three – Pay online, over the phone or by check. No money up front.
Step Four – We file the Proof of Service form with your court and you are all set.


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Tel: (858) 255-4070
Fax: (858) 366-9865

I Serve Papers
4364 Bonita Rd., #258
Bonita, CA 91902

One Flat Rate for Service

NO hidden fees, EVER.

No "mileage" fees
No "fuel surcharge" fees
No "surveillance" fees
No "bad address" fees
No "proof of service" fees
No worries. No hassle.

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Business Service

  • Service to a Business Address
  • Unlimited Attempts at Service
  • First Attempt within 48 Hours
  • Proof of Service filed with court For You!
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Priority Service

  • Same-Day Service
  • Service to Rural area in outlying San Diego
  • Service to Prison or Military Base
  • Service by Stakeout or Appointment
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Some nice things clients have said about us:

this is the BEST transaction I’ve ever had from all my dealings on yelp. I usually only take the time to write reviews for amazing or terrible service. this time my experience was BEYOND amazing. Going through a nasty battle with my previous landlord, Joe showed up the same day I called him, explained the process, took my paperwork and didn’t even ask for credit card or payment. He battled for over a week to get these papers served and finally was successful. This was not an easy case to process but he got the job done and was communicative through the entire process. If you’re reading this review and looking for a process server, stop reading and pickup the phone. You’ll be glad you did!

Shizz L. from Yelp review.

One call, and he answered. I emailed him everything and within a few hours, he confirmed he had it. Within 24 hours, he had my sneaky ex SERVED! With a quick email “all done”, and a fast return of the docs for court proving that he was served, my anxiety was over. Hire Joe– he is THE BEST.

Liz N. from Yelp review.

I found Joe on yelp and used him to serve papers for a small claims lawsuit. He was very responsive over email and I was able to do everything electronically. I emailed him papers and he had the defendant served the next day. I highly recommend him and will use him again (if need be).

Ernie A. from Yelp review.

Joe was extremely professional, courteous, and as promised – no added fees! Will definitely be using I Serve Papers again for any needs I have. Recommend him highly.

Erin P. from Yelp review.

Joe definitely made this part of an unfamiliar and difficult process extremely easy. He is great with communication, for everything, not just the initial call like lots of personal businesses. 

He offers his service completely online/by phone if that’s what you prefer, and he also offered to meet in person if you prefer that instead. He doesn’t sound like he’s too busy to answer your questions or send you updates about things, always friendly and respectful. 

I’ve never needed to serve anyone in the past so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but joe made the servicing progress smoothly and quickly (served the papers within 24 hours of receiving them) and I literally could not imagine a better job done. You’ll be lucky and glad to have someone take care of serving your papers if you’re ever in a predicament!

Karen C. from Yelp review.

I have found this company through Yelp. Joe and his team are the BEST process servers I have found! … They made it easy for me by allowing me to fill out paperwork electronically and were very responsive. They walked me through the process and the payment was a one time payment and they didn’t even charge me extra for their travel. After the lady was served, they contacted me over the phone within the hour of them serving her.

Elaine C. from Yelp review.

I’m happy to say that Joe made sure my X-landlord was served in a very professional, efficient & timely matter! Joe made sure to keep me informed of all attempts made, which by the 3 attempt, success!!! That was my main concern, everything after that was smooth sailing… I HIGHLY recommend Joe, thank you so…. much!!!!
Zenaida R. from Yelp review.
…I called to see why the price was on the high end and within just a few minutes Joe told me that I’d waited too long to get my case served and also that I couldn’t serve the case to the PO Box address I had for my old landlord. Joe quickly found a home address for me and explained how to get my trial date continued. After I went to court and got the new date, I emailed him my papers and the case was served the next night! I was so pleased that Joe went above and beyond what I expected and really helped me out since this was my first experience with suing someone. Highly recommended service!

Helaana C. from Yelp review.

Yelp 5 Star Process Server

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Two of San Diego’s premier legal services companies have combined forces to develop the Expert Process Server network of companies. I Serve Papers and Select Process Serving, operated by top process server Danny Arredondo, are now working together as Expert Process Servers and will provide Southern California with superior service of process in all areas! Call us now for details!

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